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Who We Are?

CAD DESK Bangalore, Mathikere is the Authorized Training Partner of CAD DESK INDIA. CAD DESK INDIA is the leading CAD training institute in India which enables us to provide you training in various categories of CAD Softwares - Civil CAD, Mechanical CAD, Electrical CAD. CAD DESK INDIA Founded in 2007 has provided training to over 1.5 Lakhs+ students and professionals of various countries.

CAD DESK Bangalore, Mathikere provides professional software training on a vast array of courses in the fields of CAD, CAM and CAE in Karnataka Region. Our main motto and vision is to provide quality education and overall character development of a student. That's why our highly experienced or expert instructors not only provide your in-depth theoritical knowledge of the CAD Courses but also helps you to implement them with practically on the live projects for all the CAD Designing softwares.

After completion of the courses, students get a certificate which are completely secure and authorized; and helps them in escalating their career and provides great recognition in the industries. Not only this we also helps our students to get 100% placement assistance which enables them to kickstart their career in this highly-competitive corporate world.

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CAD DESK India is one of the top CAD training institute which is specialized in providing various top-level CAD Courses under various segments. CAD DESK Bangalore, Mathikere is the Authorized Training Partner of CAD DESK INDIA. CAD DESK INDIA is the Authorized Training Partner of Autodesk, PTC, Bentley Systems and Dassault Systems. It enables us to work on a wide range of software – Civil CAD, Mechanical CAD. CAD DESK Bangalore, Mathikere offers more than 13 courses in civil and 11 courses in mechanical Stream that cover 2 streams of engineering from civil to mechanical to architecture and more.

3DS Max

Autodesk 3DS Max is the most powerful software among modeling and rendering tools. It especially shows its strength in architecture, manufacturing, industrial design, and many more like visual graphics models. There are a lot of features and tools available in this software.


AutoCAD is a powerful designing and drafting software used to create precise 2D drawings and 3D models. AutoCAD Mechanical course is highly recommended for the mechanical engineers who are looking for opportunities or are already working on mechanical designs.


CATIA is one of the most prominent CAD software developed and designed by Dassault Systems. CATIA is used by various industries like automotive, aerospace, auto-manufacturing companies & also in architectural & construction projects for designing & engineering insights.

Our Vision

CAD Desk Bangalore, Mathikere offers comprehensive software training on CAD, CAM, CAE and CS/IT. Our training programs do not just focus on theoretical concepts, but its practical aspects fulfill the career objectives of the students as well as professionals. Our main vision is to provide the quality education to all the students along with the practical application of their knowledge.

Our Mission

CAD DESK Bangalore, Mathikere is on the life-changing mission to transform the lifes of 1 Million+ students by providing them well-demanding skills in their hand through which they can write their future on their own. We want to provide a world class training through innovative and futuristic approach which will enable students to become completely equipped professionals.

Why to Choose CAD Desk?

Over the past decade, 4 Lakh+ students came, learnt and went on to do well in their professional life. We wish to continue walking on this path and their words encourage us at every step.

Project Based Training

CAD Desk allows you to have a project-based training. We allow you to apply the knowledge practically which you have learned through your courses in CAD Desk which gives you an in-hand experience and pratical application queries which you can resolve through our CAD Desk experts.

Flexible Batch Timings

CAD Desk empowers you with the flexible batch timings. We have launched various batches in order to provide students the best timing they can choose as per their convenience and schedule. Here at CAD Desk, students are allowed to change their batches flexibly if the particualar won't suits them.

Infrastructure & Services

CAD Desk have well-managed infrastructure and are providing the quality education, training, placement and other services smoothly so that none of the students have to face any kind of inconvenience. CAD Desk infrastructure enables us to provide best skill development & training opportunities.

Tie up with International Organizations

We have tied up with some international organizations to enable students access of the best faculties. In order to provide the awesome placement opportunities for the students CAD Desk also have the tie ups with some international organizations which are looking for the right talent for their companies as well.

Expert Teachers Industry-Specific CAD Skills

Here at the CAD Desk, students also have the access to expert teachers with CAD Skills. Our teachers are having more than 10 years of experience in teaching and around 15+ years of experience in using their CAD Skills in their industries. Learn from the faculty who are expert with a partifcular CAD Skill.

World Class Up-to-Date Curriculum

CAD Desk enables you to have the access to the world class curriculum of study which is up-to-date according to the need of the industry and could match up the ongoing technological advancements in our society. CAD Desk provides you the Best in-depth study material to make you an expert in that field.

Globally Valid Certification

In today's world of competition, if you want to achieve something higher in your life, then you have to enrich yourself with hot demanding skills along with some really valuable certifications from a globally recognized organization. We provides you Globally Valid Certification for your better future.

Post Training Support

After providing the world-class training to all the CAD skills, and their practical application of that knowledge, students also need the post training support to survive in this competitive market. CAD Desk is well-known for their post training support which makes us different from the other CAD training institutes.

100% Placement Assistance

CAD Desk have well-managed infrastructure and are providing the quality education, training, placement and other services smoothly so that none of the students have to face any kind of inconvenience. CAD Desk infrastructure enables us to provide best skill development & training opportunities.

Let's Grow Big!!

Over a decade, CAD DESK has established an enviable record of quality and accomplishment in the field of CAD, CAM & CAE. Since our inception, CAD DESK has attained a reputation for its quality training, insertion of latest technologies and excellent student support system. CAD DESK was started with a vision to create a network for engineers and technocrats, which enables them to know the upcoming technologies thus become the world-class technocrats/innovators. Added further, this is an endeavour to develop a platform where academia, designers and Industries work together to achieve the desired goals and making India a land of innovators. In the span, we have walked through a halfway and feel still a lot more to go on...

- CAD DESK Bangalore, Mathikere

Announcing New Batches for CAD 2022

Looking for building the life-changing skills and add something valuable in your shaping your career in life. We are launching our new CAD Courses 2022 with latest syllabus.

30+ CAD Courses to...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CAD mean?

CAD (computer-aided design) is the use of computer-based software to aid in design processes. CAD software is frequently used by different types of engineers and designers. CAD software can be used to create two-dimensional (2-D) drawings or three-dimensional (3-D) models.

What does a CAD engineer do?

CAD engineers usually are tasked with the creation of technical design drawings using a software application. AutoCAD remains one of the leading apps used for this purpose. This is a traditional engineering role, one historically filled by drafters using paper, pencil, and a host of drawing tools.

Which is the most used CAD software?

AutoCAD. One of the oldest and most used CAD software for 2D / 3D drafting & design. It has the ability to create blueprints, equipment layouts, section planes, model documentation, and more.

What are CAD skills?

Computer-aided design (CAD) development is a technical field involving mechanical and structural design skills and an understanding of engineering principles. Many CAD technicians and drafters develop specialized CAD skills across different software and design techniques.

What is the salary for a CAD engineer?

Auto CAD Engineer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.2 Lakhs to ₹ 5.6 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 2.7 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 407 salaries received from Auto CAD Engineers.

Which is the Best CAD Training Institute in India?

CAD Desk is one the Best CAD Training Institute in India with over 170 training centers along with 2000+ trainers training more than 4 Lakh students all over the country. You can surely learn 30+ CAD Skills from CAD Desk Training programs.